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18v Lithium Ion Battery Charger

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  • 18v Lithium Ion Battery Charger

    New guy here with a recent problem in my charger. I've had the charger and drill for almost 3 years.

    I've been on a job recently and when battery #1 powered out I brought it home and plugged it in and charged it. I used battery #2 (hard to tell them apart since they have same s/n). When battery #2 powered out I brought it home to repeat the process.

    When my charger wasn't in use I unplug it from the wall. I plugged it in and the red LED light did not come on. I checked the outlet and found power but no LED on my charger. I checked the charger to see if there is a fuse - no such luck.

    Anybody else had similar problems? If so what did you do to correct it?

    Thanks for reading this.
    Mike in OH
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    Re: 18v Lithium Ion Battery Charger

    If you got a defective charger your best bet is to take it to a service center for repair. You have a 3yr warranty at the minimum and LLSA if you registered your powertool kit.


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      Re: 18v Lithium Ion Battery Charger

      What reConx said. I would also bring your batteries and a tool for testing. At three years the batts are probably about shot and it would be nice if you could get them replaced and the service center is going to want a tool to test.....good luck, Ray


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        Re: 18v Lithium Ion Battery Charger


        You say that the red LED doesn't come on, but do you get the green LED light flashing at all when the charger is plugged in and the battery is on it? (Indicating that it is charging the battery?) And/or, do you get a steady green LED lit up after about 40 mins of charging, indicating a full charge? If so, it could just be a problem with the red LED.

        If not, could be a deeper issue with the charger.