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18V Tool Serial Number # Question

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  • 18V Tool Serial Number # Question

    I just joined the Ridgid Forum, and enjoy reading all of your posts. I just purchased the Ridgid 18V model RR9631 X3 5-piece combo kit from Home Depot and want to register for the LSA online. My question is regarding the serial #'s on my tools. Is the serial # the ENTIRE long list of letters and #'s on the tool? My tools start with "CS" followed by 9 numbers. Is the serial # the whole "CS1234 56789"? Or just a certain portion of that set of letters and numbers? Thanks!

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    Re: 18V Tool Serial Number # Question

    It's the WHOLE THING!

    Welcome to the Ridgid forum FFMoto.

    Don't forget that in addition to your online registration, you will need to send in a copy of your sales receipt and the "original" UPC from the product carton.

    Whenever I send in my Limited Lifetime Service Agreement (LLSA), I include the following information:

    Tool Model and Serial Number for each tool, battery, and charger
    The tool registration number that is assigned when you did the online registration (you probably have to revisit your "dashboard" to get that).

    Your Name and address and phone number

    Affix a copy of your receipt and the cutout UPC from the product carton.

    Make a copy of everything you send!!!

    Registration usually takes five to six months, give or take a month. If after five months, you don't see your online registration updated from the 3-year warranty to the LLSA, then call customer service and ask about it.

    These things have a tendency to just get hung-up in the backlog, so a call after five months is certainly warranted and it usually initiates thier attention and the warranty upgrade for you.

    Again, welcome to the forum,



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      Re: 18V Tool Serial Number # Question

      Yeah, I just got my confirmation this week for tools I registered in February!