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Miter saw MS1250LZA

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  • Miter saw MS1250LZA

    Can anyone that owns this saw give me their impressions. I have the opportunity to buy this saw but I am kind of scared off by this thread.

    Any comment would be helpful.


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    Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA

    Hi Dennis,

    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    Well, I've read the links that you provided (as well as many others, over the years, regarding these same problems with the Ridgid/Ryobi miter saws) and honestly I can't provide much of an argument for either brand, though I am a very loyal owner of many of their tools.

    I don't own the 12-inch, but I do own the earlier model of the 10-inch CMS and I do like it. The only problem is that compound bevel cuts are NOT very accurate. Miter cuts are great, the fit and finish of the saw is excellent, operation is terrific, and the warranty is fantastic, as is the service... but with the failing of "accuracy" on compound bevel cuts I guess you really should look at some other brands.

    Now that said, I haven't had any real problem with my Ridgid 10-inch CMS. At times the compound bevel cuts have been off and at other times I've made them quite accurately. I figure it's just me and perhaps some flexing of the stock that I am cutting... but given everybody else's postings, perhaps not.

    Regarding the laser: The hub (arbor) mounted laser is at very best a referance point. It is not dead-nuts accurate and by it's very location and design, it simply cannot be accurate!!!

    I've explained this often in answer to complaints that I've seen posted in the past.

    With the laser mounted on the side of the blade, at the outer washer position, it simply cannot maintain it's beam position exactly at the material's "kerf point". As you swing the blade down, or use stock of a different thickness, the beam is simply going to move.

    Simply explained, imagine if you will positioning your car 10 feet (or whatever) in front of your garage door. Tape a flashlight (or laser) to the side of the front fender with the beam adjusted to a particular spot on the door. As you drive the car forward or backwards, the beam's position is going to move eithe to the left or right. Only if you mount the light directly in the center and drive absolutely strait will the beam maintain it's position and thus, it's accuracy.

    The only way a laser on a CMS will be accurate, through the full motion of the downward swing, would be if it was right at the cutting surface of the blade or if it was in a fixed position on the table.

    So at best, the laser is there as a reference point to position your stock before cutting. On my 10" CMS it shines about 1/8" to the left of the actual kerf position where the blade will cut... and that's on 3/4-inch stock. Change the stock thickness and that distance changes too.

    As the other's have stated, check out some of the other brands if you are going to be doing any amount of bevel crosscuts.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA

      Good for you for doing a little research on it before buying a tool. Many people don't and they end up disappointed down the road. Actual experiences from those who have already bought and used a tool far out weigh any magazine review in my book.
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        Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA

        I have MS1250LZ and I can say that I love it. This was the first 12 inch saw that I owned and it took a little getting used to. At first it seemed under powered because they Craftsman that I had before this seemed to spin faster but it was 10 inch. After using this saw extensively for years it is without a doubt my most used and favorite tool. It is also mounted on a MSUV that is almost a requirement if you are going to take this saw to different locations. I haven't had the problems that was mentioned earlier with the inaccurate cuts that wasn't my own fault. I use a speed square to square the blade every time I use the saw but my saw rides in a tool trailer and gets banged around a lot. If you decide on this saw, I don't think you will be disappointed.



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          Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA

          Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I don't think I care too much about the bevel problem (I don't do it very often and I can live with some wood filler. However, I'd hate to readjust the saw every time. I don't get much time in the garage and I'd hate to spend it recalibrating my tools. Thats the reason I want to get a new table saw.

          Also, does $150 sound good for the saw?


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            Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA

            Discounting the "bevel" problem, I'd give the Ridgid very good marks. I have never had to "calibrate" the tool, as it came "on the mark" right out of the box.

            I use mine on a Ryobi folding stand (retails at $100). That requires mounting the CMS to plywood and then mounting that to the two quick release rails provided on the Ryobi stand.

            As far as the price of $150, I guess I would tell you to go look at the price of a new one first and then decide if the price difference is enough to swing you one way or another. During the holidays, these are often on sale. I always prefer to buy new, especially with Ridgid as the tool has a 3-year warranty, and with proper registration, the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement (LLSA). The other concern of course is how "beaten up" this used CMS might be.

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              Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA

              It is $300 at my local HD. Does it ever come close to $200?


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                Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA

                I think that I should make the calibration thing a little clearer. I store mine on the MSUV in the upright position inside of a pull behind trailer that I take to job sites. I make sure that it is square since it is stored sideways on the MSUV. If it were stored in the normal operating position, this would be unnecessary.

                Hope that clarifies the calibration issue.



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                  Re: Miter saw MS1250LZA


                  I honestly don't know. There is often 10% and once a year there's been a "Friends and Family" discount... I'm thinking there was one of those last fall and then another in January or February of this year. The "F & F" is around 15% as I recall and offers increased discount if you purchase more tools or spend more $ on that single receipt purchase.

                  I have the 10-inch, which I bought late 2005. In late November of that year, they had a great sale on the Ryobi 10-inch, which I bought for about $79 (IIRC). Three weeks later, Home Depot had the Ridgid "Finish Carpenter's Combo" on clearance for $175 (tax incl.). That "combo" consisted of both the 10-inch CMS and the straight finish nailer... either of which was priced separately for more $$ (the nailer alone was $189).

                  There have been similar "deals" in the past, though I can't recall one in the last year.

                  I realize this isn't much help, if you want and/or need the CMS right away. In which case, I'd probably go after the existing CMS, based on it's own merit (condition, price difference, etc.).

                  Good luck,