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6800 watts generator

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  • 6800 watts generator

    Do I need to run my generator at full spped to get all the possible watts out (6800). If I have it al half speed will it increase the speed and watts as required until 6800.

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    Re: 6800 watts generator

    first of all I do not have a Ridgid generator,

    but most all generators have to run at full speed to produce the proper cycles of electricity,

    a two pole generator runs at 3600 rpm to produce 60 cycles, and a four pole generator is ran at 1800 rpm, most smaller portable generators are of the two pole construction and need to run at 3600 rpm, to produce power properly,

    there are a few generators that have idle systems, built in to them that will idle down when no power is required, and when a tool switch is squeezed it completes the circuit (or any other use of electricity) and the generator will speed up to proper running speed, (you will find this on some High end generators and welder / generators),

    and there is what is called a inverter generator that I think will run at lesser speeds as well as a electronic inverter is used to make the cycles and the proper voltage, Honda makes them there may be others that do as well,

    but most construction site generators will need to run at full RPMs to make the proper cycles and to most likely keep the voltage regulator from being fried,
    most generators do not even have a slow idle option.

    the amount of fuel used by most generators at high speed is very little more that at a slow idle, if there is not a load on them, as the only extra fuel is to keep the speed up, not for any other use until a load is applied,
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      Re: 6800 watts generator

      The unit is designed and built to run at 3600 RPM under load. It will not work properly otherwise.
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