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3000 psi PW no flow

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  • 3000 psi PW no flow

    Water used to flow through the washer no problem and then it quit. The pumps are simple things, I can not seem to find and obstruction, grains of sand or anything. I don't seem to be able to find a diagram of the pump. The engine runs fine. I have been using the PW for about 2 years now with no problems. Do the pumps just quit or is there a valve I can not get out to check and see if it is stuck?
    I have been looking in the threads for a similar problem, and still looking.

    Thank you for any help.

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    Re: 3000 psi PW no flow

    More info please:
    Assuming you have already checked the hose/gun/spray tips etc. for obstructions:
    Do you winterize/condition before storage? (corrosion/hard water build up in pump?)
    Do you flush w/ clean water after using chemicals/soap? (Build up/corrosion?)
    Has the PW been stored in freezing temps w/o draining it first? (freezing damage?)

    Which pump do you have? Cat or other/axial?

    For the Cat diagrams, follow the link below and look for Models: 3DNX25GSI and/or 3DNX27GSI. You should be able to find the part number for a rebuild kit if you need one.

    They are the same as the Cat pump on the Ridgid 3000psi, except the pump on the Ridgid was made specifically for them w/ a Ridgid-specific model number and higher psi rating.

    Cat Pumps

    Otherwise, check the flux-capacitor.

    Welcome to the forum, Ern
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      Re: 3000 psi PW no flow

      No obstructed hose
      no clogged spray nozzle or gun
      always winterize
      never have used soap or chemicals
      I was using it and the pump stopped pumping.
      I have the 3000psi PW axial but not the CAT I have had the pump apart several times but have not found anything out of the ordinary. I don't know how to get the valves out so I have not checked for obstructions in them. Water should run through, always did, with or without the gun attached but no water flows. It is like something inside the pump has stopped the flow of water. All the ports are clear to each chamber and I have cleaned the bypass/relief valve. That would be great if there is a rebuild kit available for it. My wife found a replacement pump and ordered it so I guess I am getting a new one. If I can fix this one I will have a standby pump.

      Thanks for your time.
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        Re: 3000 psi PW no flow

        Here's a link to the breakdown of the AR axial pump on your unit. Not the exact model, but it is correct as far as parts location goes...

        You need to pay special attention to part numbers 37 through 41. When the pump quits passing any water at all even with the hose off, the problem is almost always with this assembly.
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          Re: 3000 psi PW no flow

          I hope she did not order another axial cam. AR , general and Comet[economy build]make good triplex piston pumps. I prefer CAT. They do not make any axial cam pumps because they just are not reliable, and cot you more in the long run. Any axial cam is inferior, the design is the issue. It is a cheap low end pump. You can rebuild that pump you have, there are kits. If you notice Ridgid does not sell any axial cam PW's any longer. Many had cracked housings over time.
          The triplex pump should bolt up. The pump will not be cheap, $300 range.


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            Re: 3000 psi PW no flow

            That's why I made sure and spent the time reviewing each type of pump that was avaialble before purchasing the 3300psi w/cat pump.