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  • hammer drill press

    I have need of a hammer drill press to drill holes through a lot of potato-sized limestone rocks but not sure that this type of drill press even exists. Alternately I seem to recall a press in which one could mount his own drill but have had no luck finding this either. As a last resort I will make one but thought I would ask first.

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    Re: hammer drill press

    have you thought of a diamond core bit. will make a much cleaner hole with no risk of breaking or chipping.

    i doubt a hammer drill press would come cheap. but a hammer drill could be adapted to a drill press rig. not too sure though if the vibration will jar things loose on a drill press with a hammer drill clamped in.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: hammer drill press

      years ago many companies sold a "drill press stand" to work with there or some of there drills and the drills were designed to fit, I have a black and decker one that my first 1/2 B&D drill would clamp into and used for a "drill press" for many years, it is still in the barn,

      I just did a quick search, and only found units for small dremal type or for core type drills,

      Which may be an option for you as well is a core type bit and water,

      I did a quick Ebay search and saw some old units "stands" at a starting price of $10, or so,

      that may be an option if you can figure how to mount the tool on the stand,

      AEG still makes one but I do not see an American out let,
      AEG Professional Drill Stand. #BST717
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        Re: hammer drill press

        Thanks for the lead. The holes are not large, 3/16" or so and it may be that the (presumed) faster drilling capability of a diamond bit in a non-hammer drill press would be more or less equal to the drilling speed of a regular masonry bit in a hammer drill. (I've never used a small diameter diamond bit so not sure of performance.) Failing that I have found a core drill rig only that could be adapted to mount a hammer drill.


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          Re: hammer drill press

          If you have only a few holes to drill, cheap electrodeposited bits are the best bet. On ebay, take a look at store "THK diamond tool". You get only a few holes per bit but they are cheap. Often they have deals where you can get 10 of one size.... expect to pay 10 or 12 bucks for 3/16 (5mm),

          Better quality core bits will cost you 10 times as much or more but last much longer.

          These have to be used WET. You can make a little dam to hold water out of a ring of plumber's putty, run under the hose or use an assistant with a spray bottle. Don't let them run dry.

          These are rim-guided. Sometimes it's hard to get the hole started in the right spot. I make a hole on a scrap of wood to help get it started on the stone. Once started it's no problem.

          How deep are the holes? The core bits only go so deep, but as always there are ways to get around that.