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Lsa/ RIDGID service center.

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  • Lsa/ RIDGID service center.

    Had my first service center experience in col oh. Had a compact battery start too malfunctiion so i called the closest service center. Luckiliy its very close. Gave the guy my info, hes picking them up tom and giving me new ones. Apparantly im on the pick up/delivery route! I guess it is only some places that give bad service. My advice to any one that has a problem with a service center is report them to RIDGID, and to the rude customers, stop acting like an a**hole.

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    Re: Lsa/ RIDGID service center.

    Update, the RIDGID service center guy picked up and dropped off my new batteries as promised. He was very nice on phone and in person. Now I have to call cust service to switch new bat serial numbers. I wanted to make sure I took the time to say how good they did because people mostly ***** only on these pages.