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R86007 Chuck assembly opened

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  • R86007 Chuck assembly opened


    Apologize if my title makes no's the only way I can describe what occurred. I was drilling a hole in a door using a 1" bit, and halfway through the hole, the bit seized or hit something it didn't like, and the entire front half of the chuck assembly seems to have opened. I now have access to where the gears for the chuck are.

    My question is, is there anyway for me to get this re-assembled or is it going to require I take this in to a service center. I am located in San Diego, and from what I can see using their service center search tool, the nearest services centers are quite a bit north of here (LA area).

    Hoping someone can lead me in the right direction with a repair, or HOPEFULLY, a local shop.


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    Re: R86007 Chuck assembly opened

    If the service centers aren't convenient to you, take the tool to the closest Home Depot and ask for the RTV clerk. They will ship the tool to a Ridgid service agent for you.
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      Re: R86007 Chuck assembly opened

      Thanks for the response.

      Will they do that free of charge, or is that going to cost me? Just curious if it's cheaper to do at the home depot service desk or to do on my own.


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        Re: R86007 Chuck assembly opened

        Home Depot is not set up to get Ridgid tools repaired. Go to the bottom of this page and click on "Ridge Tool Co" and follow the steps to finding a Ridgid Service Center near you.....Good luck, Ray


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          Re: R86007 Chuck assembly opened

          So an update. I live in San Diego, and just called around to the service center in my area, and was told they no longer service Ridgid tools at all in this area. Their next best alternative was "concord, CA" - that's about 450 miles away. Maybe there was something in LA they didn't tell me about, but that's also an unreasonable drive for warranty service.

          At this point, without actually having a service center I can use, a lifetime service agreement is really lip service. I'm disappointed because I was told by both Ridgid and Home Depot that local servicing was available. Home depot let me return the drill, and I replaced it with a DeWalt. I will no longer be purchasing Ridgid tools on the basis of their inability to actually follow through with their warranty (and the fact that the drill pretty much just fell apart during use).

          Also of note - I spoke with the service center that used to service Ridgid tools, and they told me they no longer service Ridgid or Ryobi drills because they were unable to obtain parts for either company in a timely manner.

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