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TS3650 Table Saw problem

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  • TS3650 Table Saw problem

    The bevel handwheel is bound up and won't move. I loosened the nuts on the handwheel after making sure the blade and bevel lock lever were unlocked The spring and nut on the lock lever are loose enough to turn with your finger. Nothing seems to unbind it.

    Help please.
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    Re: TS3650 Table Saw problem

    Take a look under the hood and make sure the zinc trunnion brackets aren't gauled.


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      Re: TS3650 Table Saw problem

      Yes, there is periodic maintenance required as hewood pointed out. Another place to check is that the screw threads are clean.

      Also clean the groove in the trunion brackets are clear, especially at the ends where it gets packed in. This can prevent you from tilting to a full 90 or 45 deg.
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