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Miter Saw Utility Vehicle Problem

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  • Miter Saw Utility Vehicle Problem

    I recently purchased one of these and love the mobility it affords but...
    When I go to fold it down, the lock mechanism release lever just flexes rather than releasing the lock that holds the legs in place. I have to lie down beside the stand, reach up and give the lock mechanism a shove for it to release - hardly ideal.

    Ironically, when I went to see the unit prior to purchasing it, I asked an HD employee to demonstrate how it folded up. He couldn't get the demo unit to fold and called another fellow to help him but neither could figure it out. They apologized saying they didn't usually work the tool corral and didn't really know the tool. In retrospect, I realize the same thing was happening to the demo unit. The lock mechanism release lever was travelling through it's full range of motion but was just flexing without releasing the lock.

    Anyone with similar problems or able to suggest a fix?