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Ridgid JP610 on a Mobile Platform

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  • Ridgid JP610 on a Mobile Platform

    After saving for some time I finally got myself a JP0610. I haven't put it together yet and hope to do so within the next week or so.

    Currently my shop is in the basement and is relatively small. For that reason, I'd really like to make this mobile, so I can move it out from the wall area when I want to use it and then push it back out of the way, in order to make room for the other tools I have "mobilized".

    I do have an AC9950 Herc-U-Lift, which I'd like to use, but it seems that it won't fit the JP0610, or at least there's no coverage in the 9950's manual.

    Has anyone done this (Herc-U-Lift on the 9950), or used some other method/system to make their jointer mobil?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks,


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    Re: Ridgid JP610 on a Mobile Platform

    CWS, maybe you can get an ideal or two from this thread. One alternative you might consider is using your new jointer to edge joint and face joint some 2x4's. Make a base out of the 2x's, face glueing and screwing the stock together, that is large enough to safely take away the tippyness of the jointer. For wheels, use two double locking swivel casters and two locking fixed casters. I have my jointer lag screwed to a 2x base similar to this mounted in a Delta type mobile base and it's rock solid when locked down.
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      Re: Ridgid JP610 on a Mobile Platform

      the ac9950 doesn't work on the jointer. just don't get an htc or portamate base. they are too light weight and their cam wheel lift mechanisms are too light weight and flimsy to perform satisfactorily. i have an htc on my 18" BS...junk, just pure, unadulterrated, junk. i can vouch for the base i mentioned in BDs linked post. good luck.
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