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Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

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  • Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

    Good afternoon,

    I am posting here as a last resort. It is my hope that someone will respond and provide me with some direction or resolution.

    May 13 I took my 13" Rigid Planer into my local service center for the replacement of the cutting head.

    It is now September 9th and I still do not have my planer back.

    I was patient for the first two months and gave the repair technicians the time they needed to repair the tool.

    On the third month (august), I was a bit more vocal and insisted they have the tool fixed as I am gearing up for a few jobs that need to be executed starting September 1st. They told me that it would be completed that week. I left it alone for a couple weeks.

    The second week of August, I called the service center for an update, expecting that I could just swing down and pick up my tool ready to go. They are not even picking up the phone. When they do, I get to talk to someone low in rank, who has no idea of the repair. The manager/owner is always conveniently tied up or out on a "job site". I have called numerous times in the last three weeks, it is almost laughable at this point. Not even the courtesy to return a phone call.

    ON august 25th, I went to the customer service toll free number in hopes that they could speed up the process. They called the service center, got the same results as I was getting... no answer/returned phone calls.

    I finally thought I was getting somewhere, having Ridgid on my side. They would make something happen...

    Nope. It is September 8th. For the past two weeks, I have been waiting for a resolution or even just a call back from the rep I was dealing with to update me on what is happening. I have the rep's name and specifically ask for her as she is familiar with my dilemma. My calls are now going straight to voicemail or she has conveniently stepped away from the phone.

    Why am I posting? It is my hope that someone in the corporate giant of Ridgid will listen and get me my planer back. Stop giving me the run around, get your service centre back in line. These people represent you and are doing a poor job.

    Your positioning statement is "We build reputations"... your right, one for bad customer service. I have a shop full of Ridgid power tools and this frightens me.

    Administrator, please pass this on to someone who can make something happen.

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    Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

    Go to the shop and pick up your broken planer. Verify that they are even still in business.

    Call Ridgid Back and find another service center, or ask them to exchange it for you.

    Read your invoice from the service center to see if you have any stated rights or if they have any warranty for timely service. Check if they quoted you a time frame to complete the repair.

    Lodge a complaint with the BBB against the repair shop (and Ridgid if the planer is under warranty). No one at Ridgid corporate will know about your problem if you don't.

    Call a lawyer for advice.

    Start a class action lawsuit and six years later every Ridgid planer owner will get $7. OK, the last statement was a joke, but I highly recommend contacting the BBB, yes Canada has one.

    Bump this thread every day until the administrator locks it, or someone from Ridgid replies.
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      Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

      "ProBrand" is the primary individual at Ridgid that usually looks into these kind of things... I suspect that he'll pick up on this with a short time.

      At Ridgid Customer Service, I've had fairly good results by contacting Tom Clinkscales. However, I'm not sure if his position restricts him to just U.S. or not.

      I'm not sure how things work in Canada, but here in the U.S., when one has a problem with warranty, purchase, and service problems, a call to our State's Attorney Generals Office usually brings very quick response from the company in question. Much, much faster than the BBB or other similar consumer agencies. The AG, simply does NOT tolerate such abuse or oversight, at least here in New York State.

      I understand your frustration and hope you will get satisfaction very soon. Please keep us advised and let us know fi we can be of further help.



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        Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

        get your tool and try another service center. there are bad apples in every basket, and it sounds like you've found the a really bad one. my experience having ridgid tools fixed has been diametrically opposed to yours. fixed right, on time, for free and shipped to me via ups at no cost to me. lodge complaints if you want to , just get your property and go elsewhere.
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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          Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

          I agree about the poor customer service. I've been waiting since July 1 for repair/replacement of a simple palm sander. The local service center has been in contact with Ridgid. I finally called Ridgid customer service several days ago and they say they are waiting for a tool replacement request from the local service center. The local guy says he faxed it a month ago or more. I, as the consumer, should not have to chase down something like this. My gripe is not with the local guy but with Ridgid. Whenever I have spoken to a customer service person at Ridgid they sound like they don't really care that I am dissatisfied even after I tell them I won't buy another Ridgid product again (which I will not do). Their attitude seems to be "ho hum just another unhappy customer, next call please". I am very unhappy with Ridgid and I WILL NOT buy another Ridgid product!!


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            Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

            I'll let Probrand know about the issue and see if there is any pushing he can do or if he has a recommended course of action for you to take to get this resolved.



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              Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

              Thank you Josh, I appreciate you passing this along. Thank you everyone else for your input + support.


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                Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

                That experience sounds pretty bad. My apologies. Can you PM me your personal contact information and I'll get you some help? I'll want to know which service center is behaving like that as well. Definitely not how we want RIDGID customers treated. Thanks for the post.


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                  Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

                  HI ProBrand,

                  Just wondering if you have everything you need from me. My browser was doing funny things when sending you a PM.



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                    Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

                    Sorry. I've now got your info and will get this process rolling.


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                      Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

                      Thanks again ProBrand.



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                        Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools

                        Have to agree here. I've been working hard all summer, thankfully, and so have my tools. One of the reasons my shop is turning orange is the LSA. Well, earlier this week my r2600 ceased to function. Again. The first time, last Spring was a breeze; not so this time- during the phone conversation first I didn't exist, then I did, next I'd never registered the tool but being w/in 3 years of purchase it would be covered, then it wouldn't and suddenly it had been registered; 20 minutes of this or so all told and, truthfully, it was quite easy to discern that the rep to whom I was speaking really could not have cared any less.
                        Since I had already invested most of my lunch break I thought to inquire why, out of all my tools registered, had my router not yet appeared on my dashboard after +/- one year? The reply revolved around Ridgid not bearing responsibility for "lost" paperwork...hmmm. Everything mailed return receipt, this one somehow was lost.?OK, now if I can just start an archeological dig through the past 12 mos or so of my papers to find that, lunch time over.
                        The previous day I had phoned to order parts, coincidentally, an edge guide for said router w/ the part number and description from the owner's manual at the ready-gal had no idea what I was talking about. Give or take 15 minutes later,after asking what the part looked like, color it was, what is it called again- "oh yeah, here it is xxx-xxxx 'Router Edge Guide Assembly' " -just as I had mentioned minute one.
                        Tools-still diggin' 'em, customer service, not so much.

                        Pro-Brand-if you can provide any assistance re: actual router registration I would greatly appreciate it.


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                          Re: Bad Customer Service for Power Tools


                          Can't help with the lost registration, but did note that you were looking for an edge guide... The Porter-Cable edge guide that Home Depot normall stocks, is a perfect fit for the Ridged router. It is probably cheaper and certainly less the shipping charges that you would be facing if you had to order the "Ridgid" guide.

                          I hope this helps, with at least that minor problem,