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    Need help on the type of service received on Ridgid Tools.
    Today was enough of the Makita service. Sanding pad for my Makita palm sander Model BO5012 cost three quarter of the price of a new sander. Have Makita Palm Sander BO5012 and BO4552 and cordless drill 6011D, 12volt. Will use until they need service or parts again, and they will be in the trash. Need recomedations on replacement with Ridige products.

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    Re: Information Please


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    I have only had two tools (our of about 20 that I own) that have needed service. One required only a chuck alignment and the other, a 1/4-sheet finish sander, required parts replacement.

    Because of a back order problem, the sander took about a month. But, I was quite happy with the service as my projects are not dependant on a tool like a sander.

    I do think that one needs to have an understanding of exactly what the LLSA covers and what it will not. Parts like switches, motors, batteries, chargers, bearings, and associated parts are covered for sure. But, I wore out the hook & loop base pad on my ROS and it was NOT covered, because it is considered a "wear" item. While I wish that were not the case, I can understand the judgement. That part cost me about $23, IIRC, with shipping. That's just about half the price I paid for the sander when I bought it on sale, some four years prior.

    So I think Ridgid's LLSA is without competition, but even they will not replace certain components. But that said, if you use cordless tools Ridgid's replacement of batteries and chargers under the LLSA, is simply unparalled in the buisness. All of my Ridgid tools have held up very well and even with that particular sander needing some service, I'm still a big fan.

    I hope this helps,