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Is there a longer ProVac hose?

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  • Is there a longer ProVac hose?

    I did not find the Ridgid webpage for accessories [] helpful, since it doesn't list any specs for its parts.

    I just picked up a ProVac (WD1851) from Home Depot today after burning up the motor on the 16-gal ShopVac that had served me faithfully for 8 years. Seems pretty equivalent, although I much prefer the added mobility of four casters (esp. in the shop) over the 2+2 arrangement on Ridgid's product. I had also been using a 10' hose with the ShopVac, which (again) is much more convenient than the provided 7' hose when working in a shop where floor space is at a premium. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the dedicated hose fitting required for the WD1851.

    Is there a different page I should be visiting? Better yet, can I get a 10' hose for the WD1851?
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    Re: Is there a longer ProVac hose?

    I have one of these and it really SUCKS!! Literally. This is a good machine and it does what I need it to do. You can buy accessories for it including additional hoses to add more length to your sucking power.

    Hope you enjoy your new vac.