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RD 6800 generator meter question

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  • RD 6800 generator meter question

    I am running a new RD6800 generator to power my vacuum extractor. It has the Gensmart monitoring system that monitors the wattage output of 2x120 volt duplex GFCI outlets. This indicator measures up to 4800 watts of output from these outlets.
    My vacuum extractor has 2 separate 15 amp 120v cords.
    Problem is, when I plug in any one individual cord, the load shows 65%.
    When I plug my second cord in, its pinned at 100%.
    I am not sure how this is possible. Can the monitoring system be calibrated wrong? Or could there be some other problem.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Re: RD 6800 generator meter question

    not sure what the second cord for your vac extractor is for but if one cord keeps it at 65% wouldn't the second take it to 130%? Which would peg your meter at 100%?


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      Re: RD 6800 generator meter question

      There are 2 vacuum motors in the machine. 1 cord supplies 1 vacuum motor, and 1 solution pump. The other cord supplies the other vacuum motor and a automatic waste pump. The meter doesn't go over past 100.