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    I bought the RD6800 in May of 2010. I have used it maybe 6 hrs total. Went to start it today and the pull cord locked up at about 3 inches. I started to check things out and it seems I have gas flowing into my oil tank. As I drained the gas and oil through the oil tank/drain I watched the fuel gauge go down. This was the first tank of gas it has ever had!! My question to all reading this is: has anyone ever heard of this before and what should I do?

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    Re: RD6800 Generator

    You've either got a stuck inlet needle or something stuck between the needle and seat. If you possess sufficient skills and carburetor know-how you can remove the float bowl, float and inlet needle and see what's going on yourself. If not, take it in to an authorized repair center.

    Once the issue is resolved, the crankcase must be drained of the gas/oil mix and refilled with oil. Since the engine is hydrolocked at this point, you'll also need to remove the sparkplug and remove the gasoline from the cylinder.

    In the future, follow the recommendation (in the manual) to turn the fuel valve to the "OFF" position when the generator is not in use.
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