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    I am looking for some kind of adapter for my table saw dust port to my shop vac . the saw has a 2-1/2" od port and the vac is 1-1/2" id hose any suggestions would be great. thanks. animal.

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    Re: dust collection

    One way would be to use a Fernco 1056-315 Flexible Coupling. They, or an equal, are available at HD, Lowes and probably most hardware stores. You could also just use duct tape. Other options are also available and I'm sure others here will chime in.
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      Re: dust collection

      you might want to consider placing a separator between your vac and the saw. A shop-vac with a 1-1/2" hose is most likely going to have limited capacity to handle sawdust and you will be surprised how fast a TS can generate it.
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