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    I hadn't been paying attention.

    Ridgid Switchable Magnets. For welders? Others?

    Ridgid Measuring Tool


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    Re: New Ridgid Stuff

    the magnets have been at h.d for a good 6-9 months. doesn't seem to be a big seller and they're not cheap.

    the laser measuring tool just came out this week with a mass emailing. looks interesting as it's accurate to 1/16'' overall in 164'. plus lots of useful calcs. and memory recall built in.

    uses ordinary 2- aaa batteries.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: New Ridgid Stuff

      The switchable magnets appear to be re-branded MagSwitch products. They have many uses in woodworking and welding are are VERY strong. In the original MagSwitch ad a couple years ago they showed one of the bigger MagSwitches stuck on the cast iron top of a RIDGID TS-3650 table saw and lifting it in the air.

      The LM-100 looks good, I too got the email announcing its debut. I have a Stanley FatMax which is supposed to be good to 1/8" at 200' IIRC. It does volume and area like the LM-100.

      One thing I wish it had was magnets built in to the bottom and back so you could stick it to objects, and/or a 1/4-20 tapped hole which could be used to attach it various objects.

      I have found these useful for plotting a path through ceiling mechanical spaces in existing structures. For instance we had to run a couple hundred feet of 2, 3 and 4 CI drains and vents lines for a new club which was being built in a casino. Trying to find a path was made easier using the laser to 'light up' a path through the maze of conduit, ductwork, and piping. For this to work you need to be able to turn the laser on for a period of a couple minutes so you have time to take measurements down the line and look for interferences. It can be handy laying out for hangers too.
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