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  • My Mistake?

    I've had my five piece 18volt nicad set from Ridgid for several years now and I have no complaints. The batteries have gotten old and no longer hold a charge very long. I found a service center on 13 miles from my home, and while collecting information I discovered something disappointing. A customer service representative from Ridgid told me that although I registered online, I did not mail in my receipt to make the lifetime warranty complete!

    I could have sworn I did everything necessary at the time, but I did not save receipts and correspondence. Oh well, lesson learned. I will keep better records in the future. Now I will have to pay for new batteries. I can't see the sense in buying a new set or different brand since all my Ridgid 18volt tools still work like new. A word to the wise, follow all steps to properly register and save your confirmation information.

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    Re: My Mistake?

    You can have the old ones rebuilt. Here is a link to one rebuilder.
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      Your Mistake? Probably Not!

      Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
      A customer service representative from Ridgid told me that although I registered online, I did not mail in my receipt to make the lifetime warranty complete!

      I could have sworn I did everything necessary at the time, but I did not save receipts and correspondence.

      The same thing happened to me. They told me I did not send in the proper documentation (Which I did the first day I brought the tools home). Unfortunately I did not copy the receipts/UPC labels to send them in to get lost again. Because of this about six of my tools do not have LLSA, one of which (R2611 Sander) no longer works as designed. $70 in replacement parts later, its still does not switch between orbit sizes as it is supposed to do.

      I requested help from Ridgid CS twice and got the same basic answer... "It's your fault". I'm very reluctant to buy Ridgid power hand tools anymore. I love my Ridgid pressure washer though. The only thing that Ridgid built on that one was the frame.


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        Re: My Mistake?

        Sorry about your similar experience. I am disappointed, and at the same time I blame myself for not putting the proof in a safe easy to find place. All in all, the tools have held up very well. I'm going to wait a while and either buy a couple new batteries or use the link posted for a rebuild. Like I mentioned earlier, I could have sworn I did everything right to ensure the lifetime warranty. Interesting that you and I along with others took the time to register online, but "overlooked" the mail in part of the procedure? I don't want to get paranoid over this when I know there are others out to get me


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          Re: My Mistake?

          Why would you need to send anything in? Is this not the reason to using online registration? So you don't have to use the mail option
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            Re: My Mistake?


            If you read the requirements for the LLSA, it clearly states that you need to send a copy of the sales receipt and the original UPC that is cut from the box. The online registration is simply the process of setting up the product in your "dashboard", where it receives a registration number and shows the status of your warranty and allows you to post service questions, etc. The online registration by itself, does NOT provide a path to the LLSA.

            Franki and Erngum,

            It's a real shame that Ridgid is not standing by you on this. Makes me wonder how many other "lost" receipts, UPC's, etc. happen. But of course, there is always those that don't follow through with the paperwork too and I do suppose it's hard to separate those that "got lost" from those that never really sent the requirements.

            Personally, my cheap little Visioneer scanner has paid for itself a hundred-fold, as I scan in all my receipts, personal transactions, registrations, etc. In that manner, I always have a copy of everything. In the case of the Ridgid tool registration process, I use a form letter in which I enter all the critical information regarding the tool, including a scanned image of the receipt. I then tape the UPC in position and afterwards scan the finished page for my records.

            Subsequently if it get's lost or questioned, I can instantly send a copy of my original letter, including the receipt and UPC. (But, to date, I have yet to have a need to resubmit anything.)

            Over the years I have learned the hard way to always keep backups, just in case.



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              Re: My Mistake?

              CW, I should have kept copies and been better prepared for the response from customer service. I maintain that I did what was required, but I can't prove it now so it's a lesson learned. I do wonder if there is some procedure to disuade folks from using the lifetime warranty by having them prove the mail in part? See this is where all the paranoid stuff comes into play. Would Ridgid go that far to save a few bucks? I doubt it. I have to man up on this one, even if I did do the mail in I'm the one who can't prove it!


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                Re: My Mistake?

                Just wanted to update a recent phone call to customer service. I looked on my dashboard and next to my five piece set warranty it says three years (LSA eligible). The Ridgid rep maintained my mail in was not on record and I should have received a "confirmation" card in the mail.

                I just e-mailed Ridgid of my disappointing experience and suggested that since I registered online almost five years ago, a simple e-mail alert from Ridgid would have let me know they were still waiting for my mail in form. Sending in back up copies soon after purchase is a lot more practical than trying to find such paper work years later.


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                  Re: My Mistake?

                  I just got off the phone with CS and got the same answer, except i purchased my stuff t his year,sent in my paperwork 2 days after i bought it. I noticed in my dash borad it still said 3 years, they also told me i need my reciept, which like an idiot i sent to them. The best part is that on a combo kit i bought 4 years ago the charger ws listed as 3 years but everything else was listed as LSA , she told me i need a reciept for that too, Im like, but the rest of the stuff that came in the same box, inculding the batteries are listed as LSA on your website. Finally she realized what i was talking about and corrected it. But im still screwed on my other tool. I'm very dissapointed they lost my receipts and from this i probably wont buy their stuff anymore, because that is the only reason i buy it. If i cant count on them to not loose my stuff then i dont need need to buy RIDGID.