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Rebuilding Dewalt Batteries

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  • Rebuilding Dewalt Batteries

    Just a quick review,I don't know if you guys have already covered this.
    I've had 3 of my 18v Dewalt batteries rebuilt.I have also very recently purchased 4 of the same batteries(new) off E-Bay.

    The rebuilts are almost 2 years old.When I first got them they were awesome,still are.The problem is when they put the stronger longer lasting cells in your terminals,wiring,etc. is still aged.So thankfully the rebuild shop helped me out when something else on the battery just wore out.

    The 4 new E-bay batteries.I asked the board a couple years ago about battery shelf life,general belief was that one not concern themselves with a battery loosing life sitting on the shelf in a warehouse.Anyway,I'm either spoiled or the new ones just stink.
    Lower power,less time lasting.

    Just a little experience I thought to share.Hope it ain't been beat to death.

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    Re: Rebuilding Dewalt Batteries

    I have bought generic Dewalt and at first they were great are at least as good as the Dewalt seemed to be to memory when the Dewalt were new,

    I bought some new Dewalt, the double pack, at the beginning of the summer or last winter, and the price was not much more than the generic ones, so I bought them, but they do not seem to be holding up as good as the first ones I had,

    kinda disappointed on the new Dewalt, but there better than the 3 year old now generics, but I do not think they will last as well as my original Dewalt batteries,

    I was thinking about sending in 4 or 5 Dewalts to one of the rebuild companies,
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      Re: Rebuilding Dewalt Batteries

      What does it cost to have a DeWalt battery rebuilt? I have about a dozen of them I've been saving in my garage to try and fix one day. I've heard it's not that difficult, but when I have free time, trying to rebuild batteries is on the bottom of my list.


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        Re: Rebuilding Dewalt Batteries

        here ya go:
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