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  • Biscuit Plate Jointer

    Would like opinions on a good plate jointer. Considering buying my first and will do limited projects with it but would like a decent quality tool. Do you have any suggestions.
    Thank you
    Bruce Buss

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    Re: Biscuit Plate Jointer

    I have a Porter Cable 557 and it's probably the best one out there but quite honestly, I wouldn't buy it again. It has features that I've never used and probably never will. There's no doubt that the PC would serve you well but, for less money, the DeWalt DW682 gets very good reviews. The Freud JS104 also looks to be a well designed joiner.
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      Re: Biscuit Plate Jointer

      I have a Dewalt unit and have no complaints, besides it is Biscuit joinery,

      really have not used it much as I really not a fan of Biscuit joinery,

      when I have used it it has been easely to set, accurate and worked flawlessly.
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        Re: Biscuit Plate Jointer

        My first choice would be the PC 557; then the dewalt.


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          Re: Biscuit Plate Jointer

          Actually I took a look at the P-C and others about a year ago... lots of $$ for a task that I was wondering about myself. Definitely the P-C is probably the top-rated tool with the DeWalt not far behind; but, in both cases they were more than I wanted to spend, especially considering that I wasn't sure how much "Biscuits" were going to fit into my jointing needs. (I've used dowels quite a bit in the past and like them and I've gotten fairly good at cutting mortices by hand, when it comes to a heavy-duty joint.)

          But "biscuits" were something I wanted to try and I took a look at the Ryobi JM82K which has received some decent reviews. Here is a link to the product page:

          Now for me, this seems to be more ergonomically designed than the others that I looked at, including the P-C and DeWalt models. The grip just seems more natural. The drive is vertical and direct to the cutter, as opposed to horizontal and geared, (and noisier) like the other designs.

          I've used it with both the upper adjustable guide and also using it's base. Both work well, but for the 1-by jointing that I have been doing, setting up the bench and using the base-method is much easier and faster and leads to little concern for accuracy and adjustment.

          I really like this tool and have now added the ability to quickly joint anything I want. I don't use this tool a lot, but for making corner pieces on my bookcases or tops for the window benches in the library, it has proved to be perfect.... it's quick, accurate, and didn't cost me a bloody fortune.

          Home Depot carries both the P-C and the Ryobi... so you can see them side by side.

          I hope this helps,