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Table Swas R4510 Stand question

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  • Table Swas R4510 Stand question


    I was all ready to pull the trigger and buy the R4510 but first asked the HD salesman to open up the box and set it up for me (I understood that it comes ready to go). He did this and I noticed that there was a fairly noticeable wobble when I jiggled it front-to-back. An obviously very experienced contractor was observing this as well and he said he used a Dewalt (which he professed to love) and said it did not have such a pronounced wobble.

    I have not seen any mention of this in any of the many fabulous reviews and comments that I have read here and elsewhere, so did I just avoid buying an imperfect one or is this wobble sort of expected and is such a non-issue with knowledgeable people (I am not!) that the issue is not mentioned?

    I suppose I could fashion some kind of front-to back structural piece which would decrease this (and which would need to be added each time I set it up) but obviously would prefer to have a saw that did not require this.


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    Re: Table Saw R4510 Stand question

    Greetings Duncan,

    As a Home Depot associate for several years I would like to point out that no Home Depot has level floors. It very well could be that the area you tested the stand in was not level which would make it appear to be wobbling.

    I would think that if there was a manufacturers defect it would certainly have come up in the reviews. All of the reviews I have seen have been very good to excellent (4 out of 5 and 5 out of 5) so if it was not the floor perhaps the unit was damaged in shipping.

    In any event I wish you good luck, it appears to be a very good product. Opinions shared here are my own.