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Problem aligning blade to miter slot on TS 3650

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  • Problem aligning blade to miter slot on TS 3650

    Help! Just got a new Woodpeckers saw gauge and thought I'd tune up my TS 3650. 3 hours later all I've done is made it worse! Trying to keep the blade 1/8" from the side of the throat plate is almost impossible since even after loosening all six bolts that hold the trunnion and reaching in from the back and jiggling the whole assembly as far as I can the blade is barely more than 1/8" from the throat plate. Making any adjustments just seems to move the blade closer to the throat plate at one end or the other.

    Moving the lever at the back adjusts the blade about .003" either way but tightening the bolts moves the blade far more - so even if I manage to get the blade aligned, tightening the bolts puts it way out of whack again.

    I removed the motor and belt to get better access to the trunnion. Easier access but in the end I am still out by .02" at best (when I started it was out by .012").

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    Re: Problem aligning blade to miter slot on TS 3650

    Have you blown out or otherwise cleaned all the sawdust that accumulates on the underside of the table and will restrict adjustments. Caked up sawdust could be the culprit.
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