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Thickness Planer Failure!

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    Re: Thickness Planer Failure!

    'Virtual inventory' and 'just in time delivery' is what has created these problems of late (past few years).

    Us older folks are used to calling or stopping in some place and when they said they have it in stock they really did. However it does not work that way for many parts now-a-days. Everything is based on demand and if the part is designated as a consumable or high priority part. Consumables might be items such as brushes, gaskets, belts, bearings and other items that are expected to wear out with some frequency. These items are usually stocked at some level (related to demand) locally so that they are more readily available. Component parts such as say a hand wheel for a tablesaw or the wheels for a bandsaw are not items that normally require replacement (OK, maybe the bandsaw wheel is a bad example in this case). They are not likely to stock such parts because there is little demand for them so they are shown as in their inventory 'virtually' meaning that the manufacturer of the item states that they have x number of bandsaw wheels available at any given time. Whoever they may sell that bandsaw wheel to is taking credit for one of those wheels on the shelf at the vendor warehouse, so maybe 5 parts places are taking credit for an actual count of 2 wheels. IF there is a peak in demand for bandsaw wheels that exceeds 2 wheels then somebody gonna get left out right?

    Companies can just not afford to keep huge inventories of parts on the shelf. Depending on the tax laws in the state they can be taxed on all that inventory. If its 'virtual inventory' then they pay no tax or less tax over time which helps them keep costs down to you. So if they kept a couple million worth of parts on the shelf that only were occasionally requested they would never get a profit on that part, the cost to maintain the inventory would exceed the net profit they could expect for the item and still be competitive.

    Just in time delivery is part of the virtual inventory scheme. for example if company A needs 1000 widgets a day to maintain their production level AND they have determined that they are comfortable with a on hand 5 day supply of widgets then when they build the factory they plan for storage space for 5 days worth of widgets AND their contract with the supplier says that the supplier will ensure they maintain that 5 days worth of inventory to see them over any unforeseen delays in shipping caused by WX, strikes, natural disaster or other disturbance somewhere along the shipping route, what have you.
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      Re: Thickness Planer Failure!

      Well said Bob. It's a shame that more people don't understand the concept of the carrying costs involved with inventory control.
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        Re: Thickness Planer Failure!

        You want angry?
        I'll give you angry!

        We were internet searching for a new vehicle. a FORD of course as it
        is made in AMERICA and obama has yet to infect it

        By the way FORD has reported a profit!!!!!

        We located the only vehicle we wanted [all the goodies etc]
        the price was well, expensive but that's a different rant.

        We played e-mail tag for a day to get some details and then decided
        to purchase the thing.

        The representative said it's ready to go come on down...This is a
        1 1/2 hour drive from our home.
        We scheduled a time and we arrived....BEHOLD the vehicle was not there!!!!!! You want angry?

        We then still decided to purchase it as it was the only unit like that within the Phoenix metro area and we were saving almost 2% alone
        on sales tax etc. because of the town it was located in.

        We found out the vehicle was still at the rail yard waiting be to be unloaded that's 20 minutes from our home ugh!!!

        Well, after waiting 5 days and having them deliver the vehicle to our home with a full tank of gas we are very pleased with the new vehicle.

        By the way it's a 2010 Ford Explorer Limited All Wheel Drive and the V8 engine....Sadly the 2011 models do not sport a V8 or All Wheel Drive and other features the 2010 provides...thanks to our government controls etc. a rant for another time.

        I found out where all the laid off NASA rocket scientists work...
        FORD yep!!!
        This new vehicle has YAW control and I'm told two gyros
        the sound system alone stores 10GB!!!!! what was the moon lander's computer? about the storage of 8MB???????

        Regarding ordering parts for tools I also agree the "just in time"
        approach towards inventory really sucks but on the other hand who can afford to have hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory sitting on a shelf in the back room today?

        I often visit ACE Hardware if I need replacement brushes for a motor.
        I have been 80% successful in locating an exact replacement fit and then for some reason they wear slower and spark less etc.

        Be sure to clean the commutator, blow out debris and properly seat the brushes or you will just repeat your tool problem.

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          Re: Thickness Planer Failure!

          The motor replacement brushes finally shipped 10 days after my order.
          Now I will see if that fixes the problem or if I will have to buy a replacement surface planer, a different brand, of course.