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Bad Batt or charger??

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  • Bad Batt or charger??

    How do I tell if I have a bad battery of a bad charger? The red led on the charger is not on. As per the book it should be on when it starts to charge. I have an old Ni-Cad 10.8V At the charger where it plugs into the battery I get 10.9V. The battery sat for about 4 months and is stone dead.

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    Re: Bad Batt or charger??


    You didn't say what model or voltage your particular tool is. I am not aware of any 10.8-volt tools. With NiCad batteries, I have the 9.4-Volt Pivot Driver, and a couple of 14.4-Volt and 18-Volt tools, as well as a couple of 12-Volt Li-Ion tools. But, I do not recall any 10.8-Volt tools.

    So, the voltage you are reading off the charger may be valid, depending on the model/voltage of the tool you are using.

    My best advice would be to talk to Ridgid's Customer or Technical Service folks and see what they have to say. Otherwise, you probably need to get your tool, battery, and charger to you nearest authorized service center. Hopefully you have registered your tool and currently are covered by the LLSA.