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  • R4330 issue

    Hey guys,
    I've started to run into some issues with my Ridgid planer (13" 3-knife R4330). When I have the planer running (no load) I noticed that the thickness adjustment dial is turning on its own until the knob reaches the bottom of the turn (and then I guess the vibration isn't enough to bring it back up around to complete the turn). Since it is doing this it is bringing my depth down an extra 1/32". There is no cutterhead lock on this planer since it is a four post planer.
    Also, when I am feeding stock into the planer, I have noticed that if I'm taking more than about 1/32" off the surface, the cutterhead is actually raising during the cut!
    I didn't notice any adjustments that I could make, but I also had limited time to look at it this morning.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rectify this, or am I going to have to take it in to be serviced?

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    Re: R4330 issue


    Perhaps you missed my answer when you made this post in the woodworking discusson area. Probably best to post it here though and hopefully some other forum members will spot it. Here's my answer to your original post:

    Not too long after this model came out, there were a couple of posts regarding the cutterhead movement, as you describe. I do not recall that anyone posted a resolution or even if there is some adjustment that you can make to fix this problem... though I quite imagine that there must be something!

    I have not seen any more than those couple, so hopefully this is a fairly rare problem.

    About the only thing that I can recommend, is to call Ridgid Customer Support and ask to speak to someone who is technically knowledgeable about this particular model. They should be able to offer you some advice on the matter, hopefully.

    Hopefully, another member will jump in here and offer any experienced advice that they have with this unit.

    Good luck and welcome to the Ridgid forum,