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t2 fence on ts2424

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  • t2 fence on ts2424

    this weekend, i was lucky enough to score a pair of CI wings for my ridgid 2412 TS. they are emersons for craftsman but the wing to table mounting holes align perfectly. the same seller then asked if i had any interest in a 32" delta t2 fence. it was in great shape and the price was right. lastly, he threw in two machined pulleys and a link belt from the same craftsman and said if they fit, send him $10.

    so now i'm looking for any info for similar installations of t2s on ridgid contractor saws. i searched this forum but couldn't find one thread i thought was here from a 3650 owner who applied a t2 to his saw. any help on this would be appreciated. for some reason, i never seem to be able to maximize the potential of the search function.

    by the way, how'd i do for $100?
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    Re: t2 fence on ts2424

    No experience with that particular fence but I see no reason why you couldn't easily install it on your saw. You may have to drill a hole or two but CI drills fairly easily.
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