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RIDGID Compressor HUB Mobile Air

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  • RIDGID Compressor HUB Mobile Air

    Hey guys new to site. I recently purchased this item from Home Depot. Today was the first time i used it and during my use of casing out windows the compressor would not kick back on after the air pressure went to low and would not power my finish nailer. I turned the compressor off and then back on auto.Nothing happened , i check the outlet and it had power... What's wrong with it, has there been a problem with this compressor...

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    Re: RIDGID Compressor HUB Mobile Air

    check to see if there is reset button on the bottom of the tank you wont see it unless you look for it. If i am thinking of the right model that should get it running.
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      Re: RIDGID Compressor HUB Mobile Air

      I have a mobile air unit ( that was also purchased from H/D as a floor model. I had not immediately used it and the first time I did, it fired right up to the fill the tank but never restarted when the air ran low as I used a finish nailer. All it does is hum and heats up now.

      My particular unit has a reset button on top of the motor/pump that can be accessed when the toolbox is removed. It worked once to reset and restart the unit but will not any longer.


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        Re: RIDGID Compressor HUB Mobile Air

        there should be a motor reset button on the end cap of the motor.

        try letting out all the air pressure in the tank. then try starting the compressor. it could be that the compressor is not starting while under a load. this could be due to undersized wiring to the outlet. or possibly a bad starting capacitor.

        you could also try plugging into a closer to the panel outlet that's not powering anything else at the time.

        compressors require a large inrush of power while starting under load.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: RIDGID Compressor HUB Mobile Air


          As Rick stated try the reset button, purging the tank, and finding a dedicated outlet (or a 20amp one) and if you still have issues take it back to the Home Depot. If they have a tool rental, they can look at it there. If not someone in the hardware department can look at it for you. In the worse case scenario it may need to be sent out for service or it will be replaced.

          Good luck, and hope that helps.


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            Re: RIDGID Compressor HUB Mobile Air

            A common problem with small compressor units running on a 115v home electrical system is that the unit is too far away from the source, as was previoously stated,(100ft extension cord to boot). Or the cord itself is too small. try a lower guage cord.