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    I am new to wood working and just purchased a Jet table saw. I would like to, Accuratize the ability of the saw and make a few jig’s. Any helpful hint I could use.
    The book I have uses UHMW plastic on some of the jigs.
    What is the best way to cut UHMW plastic?

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    Re: UHMW Plastic

    Outfitted with the proper blade, most any saw will be able to cut UHMW plastic. I've cut it with my table saw, miter saw and jigsaw.
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      Re: UHMW Plastic

      Agree with Dave. It has a tendency for the sawed off shavings to melt together if you use a high-tooth-count blade (i.e. 60 tooth etc), so may start to clog a zero-clearance insert (ZCI). If so, shut off the saw and clear the debris. For items like fences or guide runners for slots, a 40t or 50t blade will work fine with less friction heat build-up.

      I have used it for some jigs, as well as have a ZCI I made of it. If you want a really smooth edge, a hand plane will shave it readily also, to remove any saw marks (as will a router).


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