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Generator thermal shutdown

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    Re: Generator thermal shutdown

    Well Goomer Pyle, is she running right?



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      Re: Generator thermal shutdown

      I changed the plug and put on a new gas filter.
      Still the same.
      I think I have to rule out a gas tank obstruction before I go any further. I will be replacing all the fuel line with new clear line, as well as finding someone with a flexible borescope to get a detailed look at the bottom of the tank, and the outlet, since I can't see the bottom of the tank due to it's shape.


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        Re: Generator thermal shutdown

        An old thread yes, but apparently the problem continues to occur. Goomer, if your still here did you ever get this figured out?

        Many complaints on the web of this random shutdown for these ridgid gennys. We just bought a 5700 from Home depot to replace our old genset. The old genset never let us down over many years until it ate its timing gear. The new 5700 (RD905712) has shut down five times in 18 hours of service. Ridgid tech support had nothing really useful to suggest. Too bad since clearly this is not a new or unknown issue. Ours does exactly as Goomer describes and now we are on edge waiting for the shutdowns to destroy something. So much for piece of mind the genset should bring.

        Any help would be much appreciated.


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          Re: Generator thermal shutdown

          There is no exploded view and/or parts breakdown with the unit which is invaluable in troubleshooting. Can’t even find the unit on the Ridgid website to see if there is an online breakdown. The watt meter only works on the duplex outlets not with the 240V twist lock?? The dip stick on the Yamaha engine is worse than useless going into the crankcase almost sideways. Where the oil level should be in relation to the filler hole (like B&S does it) would be much easier.

          So far the list of potential issues for random shutdowns (from most likely to least):
          Problem: Evaporative emission system pulling too much vacuum on the tank not allowing gas to gravity feed carb.
          Solution: Leave gas cap loose. (there has to be a better solution than that)

          Problem: Oil safety cutout tripping from foaming oil.
          Solution: ? Oil level too high? The oil supplied with the unit is crap?

          Problem: Bad spark plug.
          Solution: Replace plug with new one.

          Anything else?


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            Re: Generator thermal shutdown

            buy a new one same as the old one and return the old one with the new receipt. if the unit doesn;t function properly, let ridgid worry about it. their malfunctioning product shouldn't be your problem.
            there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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              Re: Generator thermal shutdown

              Then wait a week; return the second one and get your money back; and then go find another brand.
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