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  • Wet/Dry

    Can the Rigid 12Gal Wet/Dry Vac
    be used on water and mud, etc.?

    The reason I just got this one is,
    the previous one I had died....
    I was vacuuming this water with dirt in it....
    and I took the lid off to empty it...
    and it tipped over and turned on
    and sucked debris into the motor.

    I see the rigid one won't turn on
    by accident, but I am still concerned about
    ruining this one also.

    (Filter on or off?)
    I had the filter off.

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    Re: Wet/Dry

    next time unplug the vac before emptying. its no different than changing the bit in a drill. most likely nothing will go wrong, but if it does why take a chance??

    you could make or buy a separator to use with your vac. they are commonly used for collecting wood chips and the other heavier objects and collecting them in a separate container placed in front of the vac. all your mud and other debris would be deposited there and not even make it into your vac...maybe some of the lighter stuff but 90% or better would be in the barrel.

    heres an example of what i am talking about.

    you could also take that old shop vac that you say is now toast and make a separator out of it. gut the motor and other moving parts and keep the drum and top. depending on the design you may be able to use the top to create your own separator or it might just be easier to start from scratch and build your own from a piece of plywood and some fittings.

    something like this;

    there are plenty of examples of home brew separators on this forum and elsewhere on the net, do a little searching and you'll find them easily enough.
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      Re: Wet/Dry

      Thanks! dead-shopvac-separator-collector.
      And my wife complains that I save broken stuff....