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Ridgid doesn't honor LSA

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    Re: Ridgid doesn't honor LSA

    Originally posted by JDBraddy View Post
    When the latest replacment battery crapped out during the second charge, I took it back, seems my three years is up. Was told there will be no more battery replacments unless I purchase new ones at $120 each, and register them.

    I'm afraid that whoever told you this is in error. Unless things have changed in the last few months, batteries that are purchased separately ARE NOT eligible for the LLSA!

    I don't know how long the, individually purchased, battery warranty is; but once that warranty expires, you are on your own. Batteries that come with your tool are covered for life, IF you have properly registered the tool AND have received verification from TTI.

    Personally speaking, I can't blame you one bit for your feelings. I think TTI means well, but this whole LLSA has proven to be a very controversial issue with its, far too many complaints. This constant "backlog" of LLSA registration story is ridiculous AND, it's been going on since the tool line's introduction in 2003. After ten years, one would think that either it's a big lie, or that TTI simply has the issue in order to have a reason not to fully enact the LLSA.

    While I have to admit that I have had no failures (though a bit of confusion) in getting my purchases registered into the system, I do admit to not having a lot of confidense in it, having to be concerned that one day the "dashboard" (stupid name) records will be missing or fouled up. That, plus the fact that just about every new tool revision seems to offer less, makes me wonder if the "orange" Ridgid line is eventually going to diminish itself right out of the market.