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R4516 Dado Specs

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  • R4516 Dado Specs

    Can someone with experience please clarify for me:

    1. What is the maximum diameter of dado blade this saw will accept?
    2. What is the maximum width of dado stack that can be used?

    Yes I read the manual, two of them actually - one from Ridgid's website,
    and the one that came with my saw.

    The online manual -

    On page I found the following line:
    "This saw is designed for use with a 6 in. stack dado (up to width of 3/4 in.)."

    Now, the manual that came with my saw says nothing about the diameter, only to use blades rated below the max RPM, and that their width should not exceed 1/2" (page 32).

    Furthermore, I believe I saw some earlier posts in this forum that using a 8" stacked dado was fine too.

    Please clear it up for me.

    Thanks in advance!