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18v One handed Recip Saw Problem

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  • 18v One handed Recip Saw Problem

    I just bought and returned one of the new 18v Drill/Recip combo kits to Home Depot. I didn't use the drill at all, but was more interested in the recip saw. I install closet systems for a living and have to cut some 1/16" top track and standards at least twice a day. I bought this saw as a backup to my full sized recip that is in for repairs right now. Don't waste your time with it -- the 1/4" rod they use for the stop (shoe) acts like a spring and vibrates the dickens out of your arms whether or not you hold the object in a vice or free hand cut as I do. I asked the local rep in the store and wrote an email to the company asking if they plan some some sort of retro-fit to fix the problem -- the answer is "No". I am trying to find an 18v saw by itself, but am not having too much luck. Anyone out there have the same experience with this new tool??

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    Re: 18v One handed Recip Saw Problem

    Try the Milwaukee. I've got the 12v and it works great for light use. I'm assuming the 18v would be even better.