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R4510 Table Saw - stuck release lever

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  • R4510 Table Saw - stuck release lever

    I just got a factory reconditioned R4510. Here is the problem. I need to push the release lever to the "up" or unlock position to lift the riving knife. The lever will not budge.

    I read in one review that a guy had to use a claw hammer to pull the lever up. The instructions simply say "unlock the release lever by pulling it up" as if this is a simple thing.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? I'm reluctant to possibly break my new saw by going at this lever with a hammer, and the space to work in (down through the throat plate) is narrow.


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    Re: R4510 Table Saw - stuck release lever

    I had the same problem, It is very difficult to raise and lower that lock, but suspect that the nut holding it can be loosened to make it more user friendly. For now the following Wrench trick works.

    My solution was to use a large box end wrench (7/8" to 1") and pull the front corner of lock lever upwards. Also use the wrench to push it back down.

    Once you do this ya few times you can guage how much power is required to lift and close and if your fingers are strong, you will be able lift it easily. Be careful of scraping hand on the blade.


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      My technique is simple. I inserted the push stick with the bevel up and rested it on the arbor shaft. when I inserted the bevel under the lever I was able to force it up with light downward pressure on the push stick handle.