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Replace Hammer Drill Chuck - DIY

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  • Replace Hammer Drill Chuck - DIY

    Does anyone know the procedure to change an inoperable chuck on an 18v hammer drill? The chuck will not spin to open or close. Ridgid refuses to honor the warranty, so I want to try to fix it myself because the motor is still in good shape. I don't know exactly what parts I'll need because I haven't opened it up yet. I have the exploded illustration of all the parts.

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    Re: Replace Hammer Drill Chuck - DIY

    Originally posted by GHawk View Post
    ... Ridgid refuses to honor the warranty...
    I believe you're mistaken. I've never known Ridgid to refuse to honor their warranty. I have, however, often seen Ridgid decline to repair tools under warranty where the issue results from damage or misuse (as opposed to a defect).
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      Re: Replace Hammer Drill Chuck - DIY

      i think most chucks have a screw of some type inside the chuck then the chuck is held on with a cone shape shaft
      i know thats the way it was on a Makita and a Dewalt

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        Re: Replace Hammer Drill Chuck - DIY

        If it wont open or close you are probably going to have to cut it off. There is usually a set screw inside right in the middle it is reverse thread and usually a t20. After removing that the easiest way to remove the chuck is to clamp an old hex key in it and hit it with a hammer to break it loose. I have to agree with mr deere. Ridgid rarely doesn't honor a wtty unless it is beyond the 3 years and was never registered.