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  • Ridgid WTS2000L Tile saw won't cut straight

    I have a Ridgid WTS2000L wet tile saw and ran into a problem last night where the saw will not cut straight. I start the cut and within 7 inches into the tile, the cut is almost a 1/4" off to the right. At 13", the blade would actually hit into the fence if I continued, so it would be off by 1/2" or more making a large arc in the tile. The blade is perpendicular to the fence to within at least a 64th of an inch. The table is parallel to the blade. The blade in the saw is the one that came with the saw. What might be my problem? It is obviously not usable at this point. I've only cut about 400 sqft of tile with it at most.

    Although I didn't think about this last night, I adjusted the cut depth up, then adjusted it back down to the lowest position. It seems as though it was much worse after I set the cut depth back down all the way.

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    Re: Ridgid WTS2000L Tile saw won't cut straight

    Have you verified that the blade is not warped/damaged?
    What type material are you cutting?
    What technique are you using? pushing too fast may be a cause of your

    Before blaming the saw try a different blade and verify the laser
    is properly calibrated and the marks on the sliding table are aligned
    I believe the operating manual discusses this

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Ridgid WTS2000L Tile saw won't cut straight

      I have had this happen as well with mine... but its always been the blade. I have had no luck at all with vented disks on this saw. ONLY use a full edged blade without any heat release cuts in it. I have actually had better luck with the cheaper, thicker Husky blades from home depot than the ridgid blade that came with the saw.


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        Re: Ridgid WTS2000L Tile saw won't cut straight

        Thank you for the replies. I will try varying the height adjustment and will buy another blade if that doesn't work.

        Posting here was somewhat of a last resort. I spent a lot of time looking at every little thing I could. There is no obvious problem with the table. As I mentioned, the table moves parallel to the blade from front to back. The laser is irrelevant to this issue. The cut is a huge rainbow shape that got significantly worse as the night went on. There is some significant problem, but nothing looks wrong.

        I have varied the push speed from anything between very, very slow to fast. No difference at all. Holding from the top, back, side, applying significant pressure from all sides, applying very little pressure to all sides, pushing from various places, etc. The blade doesn't look warped, but I will measure it.


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          Re: Ridgid WTS2000L Tile saw won't cut straight

          It turned out to be the blade. However, the blad was damaged due to stupidity on my part and on the saw design. Apparently, the saw depth can be adjusted low enough for the blade to hit the back side of the siding table, which I did. Without noticing, I made a small cut about an 1/8th of an inch deep on the back side of the table, which damaged the blade. After replacing the blade and raising the depth of cut, the cut was excellent. Obviously, I should have watched for this, but this also seems like a poor design to allow you to position the blade low enough to cut into the table.


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            Re: Ridgid WTS2000L Tile saw won't cut straight

            There is an adjustment nut to limit the depth. The reason it can be set that deep is so you use a smaller blade