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  • WD4070 Specs

    I am considering purchasing the Portable Wet/Dry Vac but wondered by the published specs differ so dramatically from the Competition. I am aware that the hose diameter is larger (1 /78 vs 1.5) but that would not affect the air watts.
    WD4070 CFM = 103 Airwatts = 243
    other mfgCFM = 195 Airwatts = 345 SP (59)

    You have got to be measuring differently than the competition.
    Can you explain?

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    Re: WD4070 Specs

    Maybe they are not measuring at the same point (hose end vice motor inlet). Both measurements would be correct but difficult to compare since the point of measurement differs. This may have been done intentionally if the numbers did not favor one vac over its competition when measured at the same point/standard.

    It's like Brake Horsepower, Shaft horsepower, Flywheel horsepower or Net horsepower, all measured using a different set of parameters/conditions so difficult to compare directly.
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