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TS 3612 wiring

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  • TS 3612 wiring

    I have knocked the start capacitor off my table saw during a move and I can not find a diagram to reconnect the capacitor. It has a 4 lead capacitor (2 sides) and three wires: one brown and two white. I could use a wiring diagram or the information to connect it so I can use my saw.

    There is no diagram in the manual or on the internet as far as I can tell. If there is a site to download one, I would sure appreciate the info.

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    Re: TS 3612 wiring

    Carl - If you go to main Ridgid section of this website there are some online parts lists and manuals in the "Support" section under "Literature Search"....might be something there to help.


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      Re: TS 3612 wiring

      It only has the manual. It has the diagram for 110/220 conversion but nothing else.

      I hooked the two white wires on one side and the brown on the other ... it started perfectly ... now I will try to use it and hope it doesn't melt down on me. I would think I could get more of a response from the manufacturer on this dilemma, but the emails and requests have been completely ignored for a week. All the repair shops in the area wanted $50 an hour (including Ridgid Authorized Dealers)to look at it instead of just telling me how to put the wires on. After the sale, you are basically on your own.
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        Re: TS 3612 wiring

        UPDATE !!!

        I received an email from Ridgid support and they informed me that there is no available wiring diagram and to go to a service dealer and have them do it.

        They want over $100 to hook up three wires.

        Now THAT is customer support. I was correct ... once they get your money: you are on your own.

        If anyone has a Ridgid TS3612 ... would you kindly take a picture of the Capacitors and post them here please? It is the one (start I think) with two white wires and one brown one. From the picture I can figure out where the wires go.

        Thanks in advance.


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          Re: TS 3612 wiring

          I cant find a simple digram that I feel confident that would serve you,

          but do a Google search on capacitor start induction motor and search images, and you may come across some thing that will help you, or some variation of that type of search,

          the other is look in the yellow pages and see if there is a electric motor repair shop and remove the motor or take the entire saw, and take it to them and see what they could do for you,

          sorry I can't be of more help I do not have one of the saws, and do not know where the wires are attached to or from, is there a diagram in the cover?

          you could try to post this in the electrical section and see if any of the electricians are motor people as well,
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