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LOOK MA!, No Rails!!

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  • LOOK MA!, No Rails!!

    Anyone looked at this new Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw yet?

    This SCMS (really a GCMS I guess, since it glides, not slides) can be setup tight to a wall since there is no rail protruding out the back.

    There are a couple videos of the saw in action at the link above.

    Who knows, maybe this is the wave of the future for miter saws.
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    Re: LOOK MA!, No Rails!!

    Interesting mechanism and certainly a lot of design innovation went into this. Expected from someone like Bosche, I think.

    Also noted, was sort of a "different" approach to the crosscut.... as an old RAS fan, I immediately took note that the cross-cut, was done "backwards" of tradition (IMO), with a "push-cut" instead of a proper "pull-cut". Seems to me, this would definitely cause some "lift and flip" forces taking place on the stock! Interesting...

    Thanks for posting Bob,



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      Re: LOOK MA!, No Rails!!

      Good bye dewalt... I think I have found the replacement for my scms... mine is 5yrs old and showing its age.