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R4512 Very Disappointing!

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  • R4512 Very Disappointing!

    After two years of researching and saving the funds the time had come to get my Ridgid table saw that I had decided upon. Except that my Home Depot no longer carried it and said they could no longer order it. Contacted Ridgid and they said HD was the only seller in my area and they could order it. After two weeks of back and forth I finally sat down at my HD and called Ridgid and made the two of them talk and they worked it out. Got my saw a week later and couldn't wait for Saturday to start the assembly. Man was I disappointed when I cracked open the box and started putting it together. I had watched the 4510 with the cast-iron top AND extensions and then the 4511 with the marble and then I was told that the 4512 went back to the cast-iron and I was really excited because you can't find a saw in this price range that doesn't have flimsy metal extensions instead of a solid top all the way across. I was shocked when I opened the box and found two flimsy metal extensions instead of the cast-iron I was expecting. After looking at the picture on the box I noticed that if you look really closely you can tell that the extensions are metal but the way the picture is taken with the gloss of the metal it looks just like the cast-iron center piece. You lean on them in the slightest and they bend, not good for a table saw. Then there were no holes drilled for the fence storage brackets and the thumb micro-adjuster on the fence is no longer there. That was a great feature and one they still pushed on the Ridgid site until two weeks ago when they removed the saw from their site. That kind of made me leary about the saw and I even questioned the HD guy when I picked it up but he assured me there was nothing to worry about, yeah, right.... So why did Ridgid take it down from their site? Maybe they were getting complaints like the one I sent them telling them how disappointed I am in the saw. Just wondering if anyone else had an opinion after getting one.

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    Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!

    If we could only go back in time to the days of the TS-3650 and bring it up to date with the now required guard and splitter system plus better dust collection they would be better off and selling like hot cakes.

    That's all they had to do to stay on top of the table saw market in their price range.

    Take it back and look for a used TS-3650 or 3660 in good condition, they are the best contractor table saws made in the past few years.

    Of course if they were Made in the USA like the old Emerson made saws were that would be 1000 times better.
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      Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!

      I believe that the last "Built In USA" RIDGID contractor style TS was the 3612. It was the last in the series produced by Ridge Tool/Emerson. All models after that were produced by TTI across the pond. The nameplate on my 3612 says "Built In USA" but it wouldn't surprise me much if the only component actually "Made In USA" was the Emerson motor and everything else made overseas and the saw assembled somewhat in America. Hence the "Built In" and not "Made In" label.
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        Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!


        Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

        I understand your disappointment. However, the 4512 and it's stamped steel "wings" has been discussed for awhile now on the forum so "surprise" shouldn't be much of an issue; though I understand it if you haven't been a regular visitor to the forum. Also, you are not alone in your appraisal and disappointment of this either.

        Fortunately, you have 90-days to return this saw and get your money back and unless you feel that you might change your mind, I'd stop assembly and simply box it up and take it back.

        I had been saving for a 3650/3660 and was sad to see it disappear. I wasn't at all impressed with the R4511 and it's granite top. Perhaps much of that had to do with the poor assembly I saw at HD, but neither the fence or the rails were at all impressive and the granite on both saws that I saw was chipped and appeared to be poorly machined. The extensions didn't match and looked like they came from a different source. Sadly, I think, was the poorly constructed Herc-U-Lift, which didn't appear to be up to carrying all that weight.

        The lift on the R4512 seems to be more up to the job, but again "assembly" leaves much to be desired. I seriously looked at this saw in my local Home Depot, and while I like the new fence, the 2-piece rails don't match up very well and the middle seam had a definite bump in it. Likewise, neither of the pressed-steel extensions seemed to be mounted correctly, although I couldn't see how they could be adjusted. Without dis-assembling them, I don't know if the mounting is with predrilled hole or slots; but, you definitely couldn't slide the fence without having to lift it up and on to the extension tables. I also wasn't at all impressed with the front to back joining bar on the right side, between the rails.

        Bottom line, I think I'll simply hang on to my Herc-U-Lift mounted, precision Ryobi BT3100 with it's adjustable rails and sliding miter table . Maybe Ridgid will come up with something better in another year or so... I hope!

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          Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!

          If you can find a used TS3650 get it. I have one and love it. It is a solid saw. I was disappointed that Ridgid discontinued it. The saws that replaced it don't seem too good either. The granite saw only lasted a few years before it was discontinued, and this new saw looks cheap. Is this the end of good table saws from Ridgid?


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            Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!

            Just to clear up a little confusion on model numbers in recent years:

            TS3650 - Contractor saw, Cast Iron top & wings, the one everyone says is good.
            TS3660 - Contractor saw, improved TS3650, more rigid legs, different packaging - short lived, almost identical to TS3650
            R4510 - Small jobsite saw
            R4511 - Hybrid saw, Granite top & wings, steel T-square fence with split rail
            R4512 - Hybrid saw, Cast Iron top, steel wings, aluminum fence with split rail.

            FWIW, I bought an R4511 (actually two of them) after my TS3660. Not impressed with R4511, went back to TS3660. The split rail & steel wings are a showstopper for the R4512 for me.


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              Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!

              Food for thought...If you decide to take the R4512 back to HD, Steel City has the 35990C, with a cast iron top, and solid cast iron wings. Amazon has it for $600 shipped. The fence may not be a Biese, but overall the saw has a lot going for it in this price range.

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                Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!

                The Steel City is very similar to the R4511, but a couple of things jump out at me. Firstly, the bevel crank is on the opposite side, and that's because the R4511 has a large plastic hopper on the right, which the SC doesn't. I then read that it's a contractor saw, not a hybrid. Being curious, I looked up the manual on the SC website. It isn't a contractor design in the mold of the TS3650/60, the motor is inside the cabinet. But then the cabinet is completely open on the bottom, unlike the R4511. So it's a kind of hybrid hybrid!

                Ultimately, it has the split rail in common with the R4511 and R4512, and having thought it not such a big deal before I bought one, I find I much prefer the silky smooth fence on the TS3660. Split rail=no no for me. The other thing is, there is a trend int he cheaper saws to have the table be 27 x 40 inches. That's just too small for me. Again, I preferred the 44 width of the older saw. I guess my next saw will be one of the big boys at 30" deep, and width to match.


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                  Re: R4512 Very Disappointing!

                  I bought the R4512 and it is a very good saw. The rail misalignment was easily corrected by loosening the allen screws and flushing the top of the rails with each other. I too would prefer cast iron support wings but for the price I won't complain. The support wings are also adjustable so they can be flush with the table top. I'm guessing the one in the store that someone commented on was assembled wrong.