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Bought a used ridgid TS2400LS table saw, having some issues

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  • Bought a used ridgid TS2400LS table saw, having some issues

    Well, buying a tablesaw for my newfound woodworking hobby was on my mind for awhile.

    So when the opportunity sprung I rather quickly bought a used ridgid TS2400LS for $320. In my excitement and inexperience, I overpayed for the saw even if it was in perfect condition and "like new" as advertised, but it has a few issues..

    The fence needs constant squaring. Its not very off, and would pass for construction grade work I suppose, but not for woodworking.

    The splitter attachment doesn't square up easily at all, and doesn't stay that way. It leans over onto either side at the slightest push.

    the pin in the miter gauge that allows it to move through the different ranges won't budge, and I'm stuck on an odd angle and can't move it..

    Apart from that, the unit itself is in god condition and runs just fine.

    What can I do about all this? Can I put a new fence on? A decent fence will probably run me near the cost of the machine itself..

    what about the splitter? And the miter gauge?

    I'm thinking of just putting this back on CL and buying the new porter cable from lowes or a used cabinet/contractor saw.


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    Re: Bought a used ridgid TS2400LS table saw, having some issues

    here is a copyof the owners manual if you don't have one:

    the things you are describing all sound like tune up items. from my own experience with a ts2412 contractor saw, go through the manual as though you are assembling the saw for the first time. never assume the prior owner had it set up properly.

    also, here is an article that covers the key areas to address to get the saw to perform up to its potential:

    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.