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quarter sheet sander JUNK

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  • quarter sheet sander JUNK

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    Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

    Sorry to hear that. First, why wasn't the tool unplugged!. Anytime you are changing paper/blades, ALWAYS unplug it regardless of whether it has a locatable switch or not.
    Second, was your niece old enough to be using power tools without adult surpervision? Any power tool can be dangerous despite having safety features built into them. We, as consumers have to accept some of the responsibility when we use them. If you did not see or could find a switch, I would have immediately stopped using it and returned it.
    Third, insted of throwing, just take it back to the store and get a refund. You have 90 days to do that.


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      Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

      The forum is a great place to air your gripe, if it's legitimate; but unfortunately you really need to contact Ridgid Customer Support as the forum is NOT a viable avenue for company contact!

      As a forum member and a dedicated fan of Ridgid tools, let me say that I am very sorry to hear that your neice was injured. Not exactly sure how it could have been that severe, but that of course is neither here nor there, as they say. It is ashame though and I regret that she did not have better instructions from you!

      Perhaps you are not aware, but for any power tool, it is absolutely essential that the tool gets unplugged before you do any service, changing of cutters, blades, bits, abrasives, etc. Whether it is a saw, drill, or sander, SAFETY is paramount to preventing injury and that means you never rely on the switch or trigger mechanism....YOU ALWAYS UNPLUG!

      I do have both the Ridgid Random Orbit and the Quarter-Sheet sanders. Certainly the Quarter-Sheet requires a bit of manipulation to properly install a new sanding sheet.... IT IS NOT A TASK THAT I WOULD EVER LET A CHILD OR A PERSON UNACQUINTED WITH THE TOOL, attempt... and certainly never without PROPER instructions to unplug the device!

      So while I understand your anger, I am of the opinion that you are probably more angry at yourself (or at least should be). Whether or not there was a label on the tool or not, is really of little concern... surely she didn't attempt to change the paper with the switch on, did she!? And if so, where were you? If the tool was switched on, you can definitely hear it, and if the person was hearing-impaired, you can unquestionable feel it! So the problem was not that the switch label wasn't identified, but that the tool was inadvertantly switched on, and that sir, has nothing whatsoever to do with labeling... as there's only two positions: "on" and "off".

      If you've had this tool for awhile, you know damn well how easy it is to slide the switch on or off.... and therefore YOU did not take the necessary precautions to instruct your neice in the proper handling of the tool and that it absolutely MUST BE UNPLUGGED to change the paper.

      So again, as another customer and long-time user of power tools, labeling doesn't appear to be the case here.... The problem is clearly a lack of experience by the user and a lack of proper instructions and oversight by someone who should definitely know better!

      I hope that her finger heals and that she isn't in too much pain. And I hope you take better care in your instructions.

      Merry Christmas,



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        Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

        From the front cover:
        WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, the user must read and understand the operator’s manual before using this product.

        Now, from page 8 we get the instructions on installing sandpaper. The very first bullet piont is:
        Unplug the sander.

        We also have this, on page 9:
        The sander should never be connected to a power
        supply when you are assembling parts, making
        adjustments, cleaning, performing maintenance, or
        when the tool is not in use. Disconnecting the tool
        will prevent accidental starting that could cause
        serious injury.

        Hate that your niece was injured, but you need to stop this BS victim mentality business. The information was there. The responsibility is yours.

        As far as the on/off switch goes... also from page 9 in the manual:
        See Figure 8, page 14.
        To turn the sander ON/OFF:
         Turn on the sander: Push the ON/OFF switch to the
         Turn off the sander: Push the ON/OFF switch to the

        All the information was right there for you. How to safely operate and maintain the tool, clearly stated in multiple languages.
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          Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

          How does one go about sanding off the end of a finger while " fighting to put a piece of sandpaper on........."? If the sandpaper isn't fully mounted to the sander it won't sand anything. So if the paper was properly mounted and the operator wasn't properly operating the sander it comes down to operator error or what sounds to me like in this case, allowing a child to use a potentially dangerous tool while unsupervised.
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            Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

            No need to pile it on here, its all been said.
            You need to tell your neice you are sorry for not supervising her properly and don't let it happen again.
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              Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

              Originally posted by jacksonvillepianoservices View Post
              I just threw this thing onto the cement with ALL of my stregnth and I partially smashed it.... and I still want my money back.

              p.s. Merry god damn christmas
              If you don't get your money back I'll give you $20 bucks for it - but only if it still works

              Thank you for the Christmas wishes


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                Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

                I'll have to pile on....

                It's quite obvious you never read the operator manual and safety

                It's quite obvious you did not know how to safely prepare or
                operate the tool or supervise a novice using such a tool

                Be grateful you did not attempt to use a belt sander

                It's quite obvious you'd sue if you spilled hot coffee if it did not have a myriad of warning labels then you'd likely not read them

                I would strongly suggest you get a small piece of 2x4 and make a manual sanding block. They always work, they never fail, and you won't have to worry about a damn switch! installing the sandpaper is easy too, you use the stuff with glue on the back..Be sure to put the sticky side on the 2x4 or you'll mess up what you're sanding and
                go into another rant

                Some tools are safer without that redundant safety switch.
                Oh.I have all ten of my fingers and have used power tools
                for over 50 years and many of the older unsafe tool designs of the past worked better, safer, longer etc.

                OH when your gas mower gets debris under the blade please turn the mower off before sticking your hand under the guard to remove the clog..there is no longer enough room for warning labels on the guard although you'd probably not read them anyway!

                Rant over! but this action really gets me angry as us folks who use tools safely and properly end up paying the price for these idiotic

                Cactus Man
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                  Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

                  Well Jacksonville, I tried to be polite in my response to your tirade and hoped that you'd just reflect a bit on the situation and then own up! One thing about the law profession, is that you can surely bet that some lout will gladly step forward to pick up your "banner" and try to make a buck off it. Sadly, you don't find any of these guys when there's a real injustice that needs to be a worthy cause.

                  More importantly though is this poor kid got hurt and it was absolutely NOT the fault of the tool. Your stance of blaming everybody but yourself doesn't bode well as a lesson to her, which is not only sad, but also it's a great injustice to her.... she not only should have learned that she needed to unplug the tool (a good safety lesson for any electric tool or appliance), but you also are now teaching her that neither you nor her need to take responsibility. Instead, you're teaching her that ranting and raving and throwing things and blaming everybody else is the way an adult should act.

                  Come on Man... step up to the plate, tell her the truth, apologize, and admit that YOU made a mistake and she needs to take a lesson from that. Anyone can make a mistake, and when they don't think things through and take precautions, then people we love can get hurt! That is the lesson here. Teach her that and teach her that adults know how to admit their mistakes, take responsibility, and are sincere in their regrets and apologies. All we need is another kid, who learns that "responsibility" is always left to someone else and for that we can sue!

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                    Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

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                      Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

                      You talking about one of those little vibratory sanders? WTH? How does that take off the end of a finger?

                      I think I could hold it on my goodies a little while with open grit.



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                        Ridgid needs to lock this thread and utilize it for evidence, that a threat has been made to intimidate and demand compensation under false pretense.

                        False pretense whereas the proof of not following the instructions of handling equipment while in use, not unplugging the product before handling.

                        Thus destroying the evidence (see below)

                        I just threw this thing onto the cement with ALL of my stregnth and I partially smashed it.... and I still want my money back.

                        indicates that the product is no longer in the condition it was when the product caused injury to the plaintiff. The plaintiff destroyed the product and no one can clearly identify if the product is to blame for product liability or malfunction as a result.

                        Allowing a 14 year old to operate equipment not designated for use without extensive training or the use of GLOVES to protect hands from injury is going to place you in contention with your lack of adult supervision which might open a whole other pandora's box of problems for you,

                        if you're giving a 14 year old such adult responsibilities without awareness to the hazards involving such products.


                        JacksonvillePianoServices if indeed is related to you as your representation of business, your misguided steps will be duly noted as the following:

                        Using Ridgid Tool's public forum to cause harm and injury to product name with defamatory and accusatory remarks.

                        Intending to maliciously intimidate Ridgid Tools by threatening in a public display with motive to correct your current situation.

                        In summary,

                        You have no clue what you've just done to yourself in this manner. I encourage the good members of this forum to do a screen shot of this thread topic, everyone so that there is physical proof that this member joined this forum community to place harm and affect potential sales of this company as a result of misguided and incorrect usage of products, along with allowing underage children without proper supervision to operate such tools without reading the users manual beforehand, educating both yourself and those you've caused physical harm to as a result.

                        I'll be the first one that'll sit in a court and make sure I'm a witness for the defendant to make sure you're held liable in the counter claim, and I would say there will be one after your fatal mistake here today.
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                          Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

                          Do yourself a favor. Unplug your saw immediately.


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                            Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

                            i'm no attorney, but i'm sure i could get you off

                            dunbar, are you sure you're not an attorney to go along with your other professions

                            phoebe it is


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                              Re: quarter sheet sander JUNK

                              Interesting enough, my long time friend of over 45-years has his Law Office less than 2-miles from the Internet listed address of the OP. Hopefully the OPs niece is okay and everyone has learned a valuable lesson.

                              Please, no more piling on.

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