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Wet/Dry WD 1637

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  • Wet/Dry WD 1637

    Does anyone have this vac? I have an opportunity to pick it up from someone brand new in the box on Craig's list for a very good price but I haven't really seen any feedback on this model yet.

    Even though it is listed as being slightly less power than the WD1670 (5HP Peak vs 6.5HP Peak), I've seen the WD1637 listed for $135 on Amazon while the WD1670 is $99 on

    Any opinions?
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    Re: Wet/Dry WD 1637

    One thing is true for both of those vacs and that is peak HP ratings mean squat. I'm not all that familiar with either of those units but I do own a WD1956 that I'm very happy with. Plenty of sucking power and the fit and finish is excellent.
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      Re: Wet/Dry WD 1637

      The WD1637 was the Black Friday unit sold at Home Depot. It sold for $28.88.