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Defective 12" compound mitre

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  • Defective 12" compound mitre

    I recently purchased an R4120 compound mitre saw. When setting up the saw, I noticed that, with the saw in the full-up position, the lazer line was at least 1/4" to the left of the desired cut line. As the saw came down to the cut line, the lazer moved gradually over until it met the cutline when the blade did. The resulting cut was slightly curved. In other words, if you were to put a straight edge along the cut, only the centre of the cut would contact the straight edge. This curved cut was even noticeable on 2" wide material. The only explanation I can see for this is that the casting is actually out of line and the saw actually comes down in a twisting motion.

    I returned the saw the next day and brought a new one home that has the same problem, but less dramatic. I'm living with it, but not happily. I sent a note to customer service, but received no reply.

    My brother-in-law bought the sliding 12" and it's flawless.

    Any ideas??

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    Re: Defective 12" compound mitre


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum?

    Sorry that you are having some cut problems and certainly that is not at all desireable for any saw, and certainly for a miter saw where you're depending on a quality "edge" for molding.

    I have the older 10", which was purchased several years ago. I've discovered that some of the problem that I've had is dependent on how I'm doing the cutting and often, it's a simple matter of stock movement. I've taken to clamping most every cut and that helps a bit. (If I simply hold it in place, it somehow appears to move ever so slightly, but mostly on compound bevel cuts.... simple 90-degree cross-cuts are most always okay.)

    But, I've learned to cut slowly and my cut operation is simply downward, release the trigger and wait for the blade to stop, and then lift the carriage.

    I've found what appears to be some blade flex, if you cut to quickly.

    Hope this helps,