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Makita LS-1212 miter saw question

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  • Makita LS-1212 miter saw question

    I know this is a Ridgid forum but there are too many smart people on here to not ask the question.

    I just picked up a Makita LS-1212 Dual Compound Sliding Miter Saw for free yesterday. It needed a good once over so I took it apart last night to clean it and find out what parts needed replacing. The sliding rails were stuck and after a little coaxing I got them free and off the unit. There was some rust on the rails that I was able to sand down and clean off but the linear bearing that is part of the base unit was rusty as well which was contributing to the problem. I sprayed some WD-40 on the bearings to loosen them and was able to slide the rail in and out but it is by no means smooth. I am going to try some PB Blaster when I get home to see if that helps any more than the WD-40. That particular linear bearing is not a replaceable part unless you replace the entire base unit that the bearing is pressed into which runs a cool $180. Aside from needing a new safety button (missing), switch and power cord (I am hoping that is why the motor won't run) it seems to be in working order.

    I know the bearing will never feel like new but any other good suggestions as to get the rails gliding as smoothly as possible? Does anyone know of someone who is trying to part-out an old LS-1212 with a good linear bearing in it that is willing to sell me the swivel base?

    Wish me luck on the motor.


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    Re: Makita LS-1212 miter saw question

    If the surface of the balls in the linear bearings has been pitted with corrosion, they're pretty much done for. But it's possible that once they're cleaned up and lubed (as well as you can) that the saw will have no critical tracking issues, just a bit of a rough feel.

    It's also possible that IF the old bearings can be pressed out that replacements can be had from Boca Bearings, Grainger, or McMaster Carr.
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      Re: Makita LS-1212 miter saw question

      Yea that was my thought. Aside from the rough slide it seems to track just fine; the second linear bearing that is in its own separate housing is in perfect shape. The swivel base does look like it was manufactured so that the bearing could be replaced if needed, even though you cannot order the bearing from Makita.

      I will check with one of those suppliers to see if a similar bearing is available.