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ridgid 3000psi pressure washer problem

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  • ridgid 3000psi pressure washer problem

    I own a ridgid 3000psi pressure washer with the piston pump I think, it is not a cat pump. When using it for about 15-30 min or sometimes right away, I cannot let of the handle or it will stall the engine, the pressure is also down alot when this is happening. What does anyone think is the problem and where could i purchase the parts to fix it?

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    Re: ridgid 3000psi pressure washer problem

    Is the model RD80763?

    If so, it's an AR axial cam pump, and you've got a non-functional unloader valve. Look at the following link and see if it's your pump. If it is, items 12-24 are the unloader components, and 16,17 &18 are the likely culprits.
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