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  • Pulley replacement

    Greetings all,

    Anyone ever tried replacing their 3650/3660 with the In-Line Industries pulley and accu-belt ? Just curious, if it makes even a small difference it may be worth a try. I'm not looking to increase the RPM speed or anything, but maybe just a bit more torque and whatever else they claim to do. Thanks.

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    Re: Pulley replacement

    Save your money. The link belt system will not increase the performance of your saw and might just decrease it a little. I do have link belts on some of my tools but IMO the serpentine belt that comes standard on your saw is, if not better than, at the very least equal to the link belts.
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      Re: Pulley replacement

      Link belts are a nice upgrade for a bad v-belt, but if your current serpentine belt isn't plagued with vibration or other problems, there's little reason to think a change in belts is going to improve anything. The link belts are less aerodynamic than serpentine belts, and actually have more wind noise.