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Miter Saw Lazer - MS1065LZA

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  • Miter Saw Lazer - MS1065LZA

    Just bought saw and assembled it according to instructions. Lazer is off more than 1/8'' width of blade. It is at least 1/4'' to the left of the blade cut. My concern is that I did not install the lazer in the correct position, because the instructions were a bit unclear.

    There are two locking D washers on either side blade that work together to clamp the blade in place after the screw on the outside is tightened. I installed the lazer disc in the place of the outside locking D washer (this D washer is now not being used anywhere), and then tightened it down with the screw. I installed the flat side of the lazer onto the face of the blade after placing a couple of drops of oil in between.

    Is this correct ?

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    Re: Miter Saw Lazer - MS1065LZA

    I don't have that particular model (mine is the original MS1065 with laser), but I believe the mounting is correct as you described it.

    I suggest that you put that outer D-washer in a safe, but memorable place as you may want to use it at sometime in the future.

    The laser is, in my opinion, a rough estimate at the very best and yes, on mine it is truly a good 1/8-inch or more to the left of the actual "kerf" position. If you think about the mechanics of the thing, that is where it actually has to be... mounted on the arbor screw it is going to shine parallel to the blade! Take a look at the actual laser lens position (saw off and unplugged of course) and you can see that it is approx to the left of the blade teeth and obviously cannot be adjusted in any manner that would bring it into exact position where the teeth will strike the wood.

    (It's sort of like having one of your car's headlights adjusted so that it stike a wall exactly 12 ft away at the exact center of the car's position... move the car forward or back and obviously the light will change position. The only way the light won't change position is if it is exactly parallel to the car's path... in which case it will always be three ft or so from the center.)

    So, with that understanding you can either just use the laser as a referance point, knowing that it is always going to be at a fixed position to the left of the kerf... OR you can do as I do and just ignore it. When the batteries finally expire, I'm going to dig out that D-washer and dump the laser!

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Miter Saw Lazer - MS1065LZA

      Thanks for you reply. More than worrying about the Lazer not lining up right, my main concern was that I correctly installed the whole blade assembly with lazer substituting one of the D washers.

      Your post let me know I was on the right track. Thanks again.


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        Re: Miter Saw Lazer - MS1065LZA

        Not having a RIDGID MS, nor having rad the manual, ?i wonder about the use of oil on the threads. I thought these threads were best left dry. I know my DW-708 is mute on lubricating the mounting bolt, and most table saws and radial arm saws will not say to lube the arbor threads, but then I don't remember them saying you couldn't, they just did not say you should. I know I have never lubed any arbor thread on these tools and never had a problem with removing them or with galling. I just clean the threads each time i take them apart, it's SOP for me.
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