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wich wet vac for cars?

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  • wich wet vac for cars?

    i will soon be cleaning 2 to 5 cars a day,i was looking at the wd1450 or wd4070,the only big difference i see is the gal. size and 1 hp difference between the 2,and i dont really care about the size of the vac(one being portable)so do i need a 14 gal with that kind of power(6hp) or the 4 gal.wich also is pretty powerful(5hp),or not spent too much cash and save me 50 bucks and get the wd0670 wich has half the hp.(2.5hp)
    Ooooo,also my wife might use it to do some house cleaning since our home vacuum broke.
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    Re: wich wet vac for cars?

    I like the WD4522. I own it, the only thing I dislike about it is that the handle likes to pop off after it was abused a few times. Other than that it has been a flawless vacuum. I would suggest the longer optional hose for any of these vacuums. Its annoying to have to bring the vacuum inside the car.

    If you were doing this day in and day out, I would get the larger unit with the most sucking power and a nice pliable LONG hose. The hoses that come in the larger units I don't care for. They will kink at the fitting over time. The WD4522 has a telescoping hose but I feel it is too short for cars.
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